Live on your feet

I am angry. I’m spitting mad, and so many people I know feel the same. I think partially we’re angry with ourselves for having believed the lies we have been fed by successive governments and a conniving mainstream media.
Lies like, Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable; lies like, an openly left wing agenda will never appeal to the electorate; lies like, there is no alternative to austerity.

It was nonsense, the whole of it was bullshit and we ate it up like manna. The general election has shown that when you vote for what you really believe in; guess what, you can change the government; witness the Tories in full retreat. They’re dropping Austerity like hot building cladding. The Grenfell Tower Fire is, to mix my metaphors, the perfect storm. It has highlighted just how bad things got.

Brown people, poor people, refugees and immigrants had nothing to do with creating the financial crash of 2007. Why should be be “all in this together” when it comes to paying for it. It was errant nonsense that we all had to tighten our belts. The only belts that were tightened were ones round the necks of benefit claimants who died in their tens of thousands after being deemed fit to work.

When over 100 people have burned to death (30 bodies, 80+ unaccounted for) because the authorities can’t be arsed to maintain their building and the government actively resist imposing fire regulations on the grounds of ‘removing red tape’ you know “something is rotten in the state of Denmark”. And you know they weren’t talking about the red tape that is the forty page benefit application forms for the mentally ill.

The Grenfell House residents are just as dead as if they were blown up by terrorists. But it’s worse, they have been killed by those charged with the duty to protect them. Google ‘corporate manslaughter’ and you’ll see why the building management company have all gone quiet as they consult their lawyers.

The Mushroom Theory of Management that Theresa May used at the Home Office and on her own Cabinet (keep them in the dark and feed them shit) didn’t wash with the electorate. Not only did she hide from the electorate during the general election campaign; she couldn’t even bring herself meet grieving survivors at the scene of the tragedy. And her minders have the brass neck to cite ‘security fears’. These security fears didn’t stop the 91 year old Queen going. When a leader is too afraid to meet their own people they are finished. Like her erstwhile colleague said she is a “dead woman walking”, but she’s like the Bruce Willis character in the ‘6th Sense’ – she doesn’t know that she is dead.

Where have they suddenly found money to bribe the DUP for their support. Where have they suddenly found money to cut back on austerity? There was always enough money to reverse austerity. It’s called Quantative Easing – or in layman’s terms – printing more money. They couldn’t get the presses rolling fast enough when it was to bail out the banks.

But you know something; as angry as I am, I also think I am the happiest I have been in a while. And the reason is because we are taking our power back. We know we can do something about a government that has pitted the poor against each other. We don’t need to fight each other for crumbs from the One Percent’s table full of cake; we made the bloody cake.

They chose to shake the Magic Money Tree to create tax breaks for the wealthy, to enable transnational corporations to pay little or no tax, to create non-dom status for the international super-rich and encourage them to buy thousands of flats and leave them empty a stone’s throw from those who have burned to death on a funeral pyre of austerity.

I am angry at myself for believing this hogwash for years but I’m happy to know that I am standing with millions who refused to take it any more. We have woken up the fact that we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees, because if we choose to live on our knees we are dead anyway.


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