Sod it, time to get more politically active. Society ain’t gonna change itself.

1997 – 2013 spent publishing culturally diverse educational resources explaining cultural diversity to children (and their teachers). Before that ten years of soliciting (of the legal kind).

2011 at the Palace, Ta for the MBE Ma’am, much obliged. Since then I’ve become a fitness instructor – spinning and yoga saved me from a bastard of a bad back.

Spare time; what spare time? Doing up the house, embarrassing my daughters lamb and muttoning, ranting at my other half. (You should write a blog he said). So here goes…

As well a short piece giving my teen price with on current affairs; each week, or more often if the muse takes me, I’ll be looking at the history behind an aspect of current affairs, a quick primer if you like;¬†or history 101.