Why we lost

So Labour lost and lost big, the greatest general election defeat since 1935. The question is why. I canvassed on the doorsteps and time and time again came across a visceral hatred of Jeremy Corbyn. None of the people I spoke to was willing (or able?) to explain why they hated this mild mannered lifelong… Read More Why we lost

Prince Charming

Our monarchs used to have absolute power, then they ruled with the consent of Parliament and finally after the scandalous King Georges a deal was made with Queen Victoria. In return for becoming a constitutional monarch (i.e. staying out of politics) and setting a good moral example for the nation; we’ll pay for a lavish… Read More Prince Charming

The Bouncer

Back in the day in my home town of Bradford I occasionally went to a nightclub called ‘Time and Place’. They wanted enough black people to create a good atmosphere but not so many as to scare away the richer white punters. So they had a black bouncer to do the job. He was ruthless… Read More The Bouncer

Scare BnB

They really are off their trolleys with this one. The proposed “Scare-bnb” scheme would involve paying homeowners to take care of hospital patients in their spare rooms. Great idea, what could possibly go wrong? If this planned-on-the-back-of-a-fag-packet scheme ever gets off the ground you can be sure there will be pressure piled on hospitals to… Read More Scare BnB